Optique is the specification division of Alloy LED.

Choosing the Right LED Fixture for Your Business

Selecting the right lighting for your business is crucial for creating a welcoming environment. LED fixtures have become the go-to choice for businesses seeking energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions. Optique Lighting is here to guide you in choosing the perfect LED fixture to illuminate your success.

We offer a select, but powerful, product line that is simple to specify and easy to quote so you can focus on the big picture – your project! You can rest assured that with Optique, you will get all the brackets, screws, and accessories you need without having to dive into the details.

Nano Linear Fixtures

Representing the intersection between high-quality tape lighting and architectural linear lighting, our Nano Linear Fixtures are offered in five low-profile sizes and sleek, modern shapes in custom lengths to a designer’s exact specifications.


With the ability to rotate 360 degrees, the patented mounting system allows designers the flexibility to integrate the product at any angle. A unique, proprietary patented advanced light distribution system allows uniform illumination across the entire surface of the lens from one edge to the other – no dark edges – compared to other products on the market. Get creative with your setting and make an atmosphere your customers will never forget!


The Orbita collection includes Orbita Wall Mount, Sconce I, and Sconce II. Featuring a sleek, minimalist look, the unique modular design allows for both vertical and horizontal mounting, each segment length features 360-degree rotation to effortlessly fine-tune the light distribution in the field. Perfect for understated commercial lighting.


One of the industry’s strongest illuminated closet rods on the market! Compared to other closet rods that begin to bow almost immediately under load, the Armadio solid aluminum internal truss system resists bowing while at the same time providing illumination. Retail clothing stores can add elegance and style while also enhancing the detail of their product display.

Use us as a resource! We are proud to work alongside an exceptional team of reps who play a crucial role in bringing our lighting products to the world. With their extensive knowledge and passion for lighting, they effortlessly connect with you, our customer, by understanding your needs and providing tailored solutions just for you. Find a rep near you!

Once you determine which lighting solution best fits your business, request a quote! Unique to Optique, our team analyzes your project and provides you with a Tapeoff, a tailored wiring layout to ensure installers know what to wire and where! Tapeoffs are provided with every quote! If you have project plans available, we will give you a color-coded markup of where every fixture goes! Each project is carefully analyzed by our team to ensure a seamless experience!