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Coming July 2024

Perifina – Wall Float System

Perifina is a versatile mud-in system that elegantly combines modern design with ease of installation, perfect for both residential and commercial environments.
Favorite Features and Benefits
Attractive and Easy-to-Install Configurations

Compatible with 5/8th inch drywall, Perifina can be configured into one of four attractive and easy-to-install accent lighting configurations.

Corner Compatible

Unlike most solutions on the market, Perifina can easily go around corners without light gaps or the need for complicated soldering

Seamless Finish

Perifina’s paintable backer plate ensures it blends in with any decor or color pallet for a seamless finish

Perifina Configurations
Edge Reveal

Creates an illuminated effect on the edges of walls such as toe-kicks and creates an illuminated cove at the top of walls

Corner Reveal

Illuminates corners at wall to wall, and wall to ceiling intersections

Wall Accent

A beautifully crafted scoop design provides a paintable surface that creates an attractive light gradient

Wall Reveal

Provides the ability to create a niche effect in a wall to provide not only an accent light, but also an enhanced textured element to the wall

Perifina Product Files
linear lighting solutions
Product Files
linear lighting solutions

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linear lighting solutions
Revit Files

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