Optique is the specification division of Alloy LED.


Outdoor RGBW+ Light Engine

Nano Linear Outdoor RGBW+ Light Engines are designed and engineered to include double the white light engines per diode package, thereby providing a powerful level of white light while still offering the flexibility of RGBW light with over
4.2 billion color combinations. Optique’s
outdoor-rated light engines feature superior waterproofing by providing full silicone infill around the LEDs, avoiding air pockets and ensuring the best protection against the elements.
Favorite Features and Benefits
architectural lighting

Usable white light with the added benefits of RGBW to provide over 4.2B color options

linear lighting for architects
White Light

Unique high white light output and performance comparable to standard white light engines

360° Water-Proofing Technology

Solid silicone encapsulation with full silicone infill ensures maximum resistance against elements and ingress of water and debris

Outdoor RGBW+ Light Engine Product Files
linear lighting inspiration
Product Files
linear lighting inspiration